Acepunch Aluminum Plate Tiles Thermal Conductor Tread AP1177

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Arrowzoom aluminum plate sheets are pressed aluminum sheets. They are weather and corrosion-proof and easy to clean, as well as being skid-resistant. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, indoors and outdoors. They are also called tread plates, checker plates, and/or durbar plates. Arrowzoom offers two type of Aluminum Plate; The Plain and Diamond plate. Plain Aluminum Plate is usually used in Kitchen or chemical equipment wrap. While Diamond Plate usually used in automotive or as flooring for it's Non-Slip embossed diamond design. Aluminum is different from many other metals. In fact, it is ubiquitous in the earth’s crust but rarely found in pure form in nature. Today, aluminum is used in everything from cooking gourmet cuisine to building planes, trains and automobiles. But what are the benefits of aluminum?


  1. Non-Corrosive - Aluminum does not rust. It’s protected by its own naturally occurring oxide film, a protection that can be further enhanced by anodizing or other finishing techniques.
  2. Thermal Conductor - Based on weight and overall cost, aluminum conducts heat and cold better than other common metals. These factors make it ideal for applications requiring heat exchanges.
  3. Electricity Conductor - Bulk power transmissions generally take place via aluminum because, pound-for-pound, aluminum is twice as conductive as copper.
  4. Resilient - Aluminum combines strength with flexibility and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact.
  5. Fire-Retardant - When aluminum melts, it begins to act like fire-resistant or flame-retardant insulation, providing even more protection time.
  6. Recyclable - Aluminum retains a high scrap value. It can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its superior characteristics.
  7. Lightweight - Aluminum weighs less by volume than most other metals. In fact, it is about one-third the weight of iron, steel, copper, or brass. This makes it easier to handle and less expensive to ship.



  • Signs
  • Billboards
  • Building exterior
  • Decoration
  • Bus body
  • High-rise buildings  
  • Factories
  • Kitchen sink
  • Chemical equipment
  • Sheet metal processing parts
  • Spinning hollow-ware
  • Welding parts
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Reflective devices.
  • Automotive
  • ...many more



  • Brand New Aluminum Plate Tile
  • Made by Imported High Quality Aluminum
  • Easy to Install - can be cut using Tin Snips or Electric Shears
  • Water Resistant - easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-Corrosive - this aluminum does not rust.
  • Perfect for both Industrial and Residential use.
  • Quality Aluminum -  totally free from defects like white rust, oil patches, roll marks, edge damage, camber, dents, holes, break lines, scratches and free from coil set.
  • Size: 25 x 25 x 0.1 cm (9.8 x 9.8 x 0.04 in)
  • NOTE : Due to shipping requirements, we may split your order into multiple shipments for postage.





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