FAQs (Old)


  • CancellationĀ - For order cancellation, you need to message us within 24 hours. In the event that your order is already processed, there will be a 15% cancellation fee. Please make sure all details are correct before placing order.
  • Wrong Address - Send us an email within 24 hours for address correction so we can make the adjustments on our end ASAP. For shipped order, we can no longer update them as it is already on its way. We are not responsible for re-send for any incomplete or worng address information given by customer.
  • Wrong Item Placed on Order - Send us an email at service@arrowzoom.com within 24 hours and include your order number on the subject email.
  • Wrong Order Received -Ā In case of wrong item shipped to you, simply send us a photo of product and email us at service@arrowzoom.comĀ together with your order number.

  • šŸ’° PAYMENT

  • I have an error processing my checkout - Screenshot the error and send your concern via email so we can help you. Clear caching also helps to checkout properly.
  • What kind of payment methods do you accept?Ā You can pay by major credit cards such as VISA, Master and Amex. We also accept Western Union and International bank transfer.
  • Ā 

    šŸ“¦ PRODUCT

  • How do I clean foams?Ā To remove light dust from your foram use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment.
  • How much foam do I need to treat my room? We have a calculator per product page that can help you calculate the foams that you need. If you are still not sure, kindly send us message of your wall size where you will install the foams.
  • What is Soundproofing and Sound Absorption?Ā Soundproofing refers specifically to the action of blocking sound and sound absorption refers to the application of materials to walls or ceilings that absorb the sound from within the room
  • Why is my foam still not restored to its proper shape after removing from package? Please allow 24-48 hours for the foam to resume back to its original form. If still the same after 2 days, please kindly soak into water and allow to dry in flat surface.Ā 

  • āœˆļøĀ SHIPPING

  • Do you ship world wide?Ā Yes. Please check this list of countries we ship as reference.
  • Tracking Links Not Working - Please allow at least 3-7 business days for the tracking number to appear on tracking websiteĀ Ā https://www.17track.net/en
  • Will I receive my tracking code? Yes, Once the product is shipped, we provide after ship tracking. What this means is you will receive a notification each time the parcel is moved from one point to another, such as from being sent out, to arrival at terminal, to final delivery - this way you will know exactly where your parcel is at any given point.
  • Is your concern not found here? Please feel free to send us an email to service@arrowzoom.com or send us a WhatsApp message hereĀ (852) 6438-4571