Acepunch 0.5mm Thick PVC Plastic Strip Curtain AP1173 AP1181

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       Arrowzoom PVC Strip Curtains are typically used to create separation between two areas. It can help regulate temperatures inside your property, as well as protecting your indoor environment from unwanted pollutants. PVC strip curtains are often used at loading docks to prevent the escape of air conditioned air, which can help manage utility costs and can help keep debris outdoors from getting in. They’re also used in warehouses or factories to separate different work areas, and the convenience of them means that machinery like forklifts or other vehicles don’t have to physically open a garage door or gate to access another area of the workplace. PVC Plastic strip curtains are ideal for industrial use and for pedestrian & small machinery usage, this medium weight strip will help with temperature control or dust exclusion between different areas of a warehouse or works site without impeding access. Suitable for the door is the main entry gate of the premises, means exposed to air.

  • Food processing plants
  • Shipping plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Dairy Industry
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Grocery storage rooms
  • Auto body shops
  • Covers (eg. Vinyl Tablecloth, Curtain, Table, Book Cover, Stroller Cover)
  • Rainwear/ Waterproof Textile / Inner Lining

  1. Energy Cost Savings - The thickness and insulation that PVC strip curtains provide will effectively keep the chilled or heated air contained and your electricity and gas bills will be significantly less. Strip door curtains are also effective in maintaining airflow for particular locations within a building where temperatures may fluctuate, such as welding areas or freezers.
  2. Reduce Noise, Dust and Contaminants - Day-to-day life in any building can be distracting, Forklifts move about the facility and loud machinery runs constantly. While you cannot eliminate these loud noises entirely, you can reduce noise levels in designated areas of your facility by installing Arrowzoom PVC Strip Curtain. Strip door curtains can eliminate contaminants from entering a specific space.
  3. Enhance Productivity - Oftentimes, reducing the noise level could or isolating a specific area can enhance employees’ focus and keep them on task. By sectioning off your building using PVC Strip curtain, you can contain the noise levels to specific areas, allowing others to work in peace.
  4. Create Department Areas - Strip door curtains can be used not only produce more fruitful work from employees, but also to create specific departments within the facility. For example, the production team can be assigned to one section of the building, while the office workers can work in another.
  5. Create Easy Access - Sometimes, you need to gain access to a specific area. Instead of installing multiple walls and doorways, you can simply use strip door curtains. These will provide the privacy desired from room to room, yet still allow forklifts or other machinery to enter as needed.
  6. Acts as a Barrier - Having PVC Curtains installed on your doors leading outdoors acts as a barrier to the outside and prevents debris such as leaves and dirt as well as insects and pests from getting inside.
  7. Temperature and Air Flow Control - The soft grade PVC Strips are designed with insulation properties, allowing the temperature indoors to be maintained with the door open.



  • Made by Imported High Quality PVC
  • Versatile material made to meet your application needs
  • Waterproof, Dust-Free and Scratch Resistance Material
  • Durable - PVC is widely known to be one of the most durable of its kind. It’s very versatile, too. It lasts long and doesn’t require extensive maintenance routine.
  • Adhere to safety standards - PVC curtains help reduce workplace accidents by allowing employees to check pathways for potential hazards before coming in contact with them.
  • Easy to Install - Most PVC curtains can be installed using simple hooks.
  • Efficient - PVC curtains are considered to be more efficient in keeping the temperature in your production area relatively stable.
  • Provides good insulation - They can decrease the amount of energy your coolers and heaters use which, in turn, can also lower your energy bill.
  • Can keep pests out - These curtains are heavy enough to keep pests from entering while still being lightweight for humans to pass through.
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Size Coverage Available:
  • 90 cm x 200 cm ( 3 x 6.6 ft. ) - PVC Set and Sheet
  • 120 cm x 210 cm ( 4 x 7 ft. ) - PVC Set and Sheet
  • 18 cm x 200 cm ( 0.6 x 6.6 ft. ) - PVC Strip Roll
  • 18 cm x 4500 cm ( 0.6 x 147 ft. ) - PVC Strip Roll
  • Each PVC Set Order Includes FREE Installation Kit (Mounting Tracks and Metal Bracket)


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