Acepunch Reading Wedge Pillow Comfortable Ergonomic Cushion - KK1419

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  Introducing our Reading Pillow Comfort Wedge Ergonomic Cushion: the ultimate soft bag big back cushion designed to provide you with unrivaled comfort and support. Whether you're reading a book, playing mobile games, or simply relaxing in your dormitory bed, this cushion offers waist protection and the perfect level of coziness.

With its simple yet effective design, it's the ideal companion for your lounging and leisure activities. Experience the luxurious softness of ice silk bean velvet and indulge in pure relaxation with this versatile back cushion.


    1. Comfortable Support: The cushion provides excellent support for your back, waist, and head while you are reading or playing mobile games in bed. The ice silk bean velvet material offers a soft and plush feel, making your relaxation time more comfortable.

    2. Versatile Use: You can use this cushion in various settings, such as dormitories, bedrooms, or even on the floor. Its design allows you to adjust it to your preferred angle, ensuring optimal support while you engage in activities like reading or using your mobile phone.

    3. Waist Protection: The cushion provides adequate support to your waist, helping to maintain a proper posture and preventing discomfort or strain. It reduces the pressure on your lower back, which is particularly beneficial during long periods of sitting or lounging.

    4. Mobility: The cushion is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around and use in different areas of your living space. You can easily carry it from your bed to a chair, sofa, or even outdoors, providing comfort and support wherever you go.

    5. Style and Design: The ice silk bean velvet material gives the cushion a luxurious and stylish appearance, adding an elegant touch to your room decor. Its simple yet attractive design makes it a versatile accessory that complements various interior styles.


    • Dimensions: 60cm 50cm x 20 cm  
    • Dimensions: 120cm 50cm x 20 cm  
    • Beautiful visual appeal for refined spaces.
    • NOTE: Actual color might slightly differ depending on your screen setting.

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