Easy Extendable Bedside Rail Mobility Support Solution - MO30002

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Introducing the Mobility Aid Adjustable Bed Assist Rail: Your Ultimate Companion for Safe and Independent Bed Mobility! 🤗

Are you or your loved ones looking for a reliable solution to enhance bedroom safety and independence? Look no further than the Mobility Aid Adjustable Bed Assist Rail! This innovative and versatile bed rail is specifically designed to provide maximum support and stability, making getting in and out of bed easier and safer for users of all ages.  💡


➡️ Key Features:

1. Adjustable Height and Length: Our bed assist rail is fully adjustable, catering to various bed heights and sizes. Whether you have a standard or a taller mattress, this rail can be customized to fit your specific needs.

2. Sturdy and Durable Construction: Crafted from premium-grade materials, the Mobility Aid Bed Assist Rail is built to last. Its robust frame ensures outstanding stability, offering you peace of mind during every use.

3. Ergonomic Design: The rail's thoughtful design includes a comfortable and non-slip handle that provides a secure grip. The padded handle adds an extra layer of comfort, preventing hand strain and discomfort.

4. Tool-Free Installation: Setting up the bed assist rail is a breeze! No complicated tools or handyman skills are required. Simply slide the rail under the mattress, and you're ready to experience the convenience and support it offers.

5. Versatile Use: This bed assist rail isn't just for standard beds! It can be used with various bed types, including adjustable beds, hospital beds, and even couches. Its flexibility allows you to carry it with you wherever you need that extra support.

6. Foldable for Easy Storage and Transport: Need to travel or store the rail when not in use? No problem! The Mobility Aid Bed Assist Rail is conveniently foldable, making it compact and easy to store or take with you on trips.

7. Enhanced Safety Features: With its innovative design, the bed assist rail reduces the risk of accidental falls and injuries, especially for individuals with limited mobility or balance issues.

8. Elegant and Discreet Design: Unlike bulky bed rails that can disrupt the aesthetics of your bedroom, our assist rail boasts a sleek and discreet design that blends seamlessly with any bedroom decor.

Invest in the Mobility Aid, Adjustable Bed Assist Rail and rediscover the joy of a restful night's sleep without worrying about safety concerns. Whether you're recovering from an injury, dealing with age-related mobility challenges, or simply seeking a helping hand to get in and out of bed, this product is your perfect solution. 💯

Don't compromise on your well-being and independence. Embrace the freedom and confidence this bed assist rail offers, and make your bedtime routine a safer and more enjoyable experience. Order your Mobility Aid, Adjustable Bed Assist Rail today! 💕


  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Base Dimensions42.5 x 7 x 60 cm (17 x 2.7 x 23.6 in)
  • Gross Weight: 3.5 kg


Note: Measure the bed frame carefully, keeping it 37-49CM off the ground to avoid installation problems.

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